Japanese language

Why Japanese language?

• Career scope of learning Japanese language in India- companies such as Sony, Toshiba, Toyota and many others have infiltrated the Indian market in a variety of sectors.

• Career in teaching Japanese language.

• Career in export and import.

• Japanese is one of the highest paying language in India.

• Scope in working or studying in japan.

About Japanese language

• There are three scripts in Japanese language.

• Hiragana (native Japanese words)

• katakana (foreign words)

• kanji (adopted Chinese characters)

• About kanji there are more than 4000 kanji but we have to know minimum 2000.

Japanese language proficiency test.

  • There are total five JLPT levels which are from level n5 to n1 to check the proficiency of the person which includes  listening ,reading ,vocabulary and grammar .
  • One can give these levels after every 6 months which is in July and December every year

Japanese language proficiency test.

Teaching method

• Each level’s preparation will be completed within 6 months of duration including test series.

• We will be following Minna no Nihongo book for the JLPT.

• We will give attention to all the 3 sections for JLPT.

• There will be test in every class for revising the topics covered in last class • Providing knowledge about the culture of Japan.

• Study material will be provided with audio cds and videos.

• Kaiwa (conversation) classes will be provided for improving the speaking skills.