Electrician (Engineering Trade)

Trade Electrician (Engineering Trade) Minimum Qualification Passed 10th class exam under 10+2 system of education of its equivalent.
An electrician is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines and related
Equipment. Electrician may be employed in the installation of new electricians component or the
Maintenance and repair of exiting electrical infrastructure. Electricians may also specialize in wiring ships,
Airplanes and other mobile platform.
Skill Required
Although the skills necessary for an electrician vary from job to job, certain abilities come in
Handy in most areas. The DLI suggests that steady hands and strong hand-eye coordination ensure safety and
Precision in repairs. The department further states that colour-blindness is actually a risk on the job, because of color-coding and wire identification, so good vision-particularly color vision- is a must,
Electrician who work on power lines or towers must be physically fit to do and possess a good sense
Of equilibrium. The BLS adds that math skills, drafting skills, and attention to detail on complex project and schematics are good abilities for an individual to possess.

Nature of Job.
An employee in this class performs skilled electrical work in the installation, alteration, repair, and maintenance of electrical equipment and wiring used in communication, light, and power systems.
Assignments, supervision and review are received from building maintenance supervisor.
The employee may supervise maintantece staff on a project basis.
Perform related work as required.