Industry overview

The construction industry is the second largest industry in India after agriculture. It accounts for about 11% of India as GDP. It makes significant contribution to the  national economy and provides employment to large number of people.

Construction Electrical Works involves laying of cables/ wires from power source to desired equipment’s, installation and maintenance of common electrical equipment’ s and machineries at construction sites. It also includes installation and maintenance of LV wiring and electrical fixtures at industrial, residential and commercial buildings.

About the program

This Program covers the skill and knowledge required by a workman to select and use hand, power tools and electrical devices relevant to construction electrical works, to install temporary lighting arrangement at construction sites, to assist in LV electrification works at permanent structures and to assemble, install and maintain temporary LV electrical panels (distribution boards) at construction site. It also includes, the skill and knowledge required to work effectively within a team to achieve the desired results and to plan and organize work in order to meet expected quality in established time frame and further helps an individual to work according to personal health, safety and environmental protocol at construction site. This program is designed for NSQF level 3 .

Who should attend it?

Minimum Educational Qualifications: 10th Class Minimum Age Entry: 18 years

Experience: Minimum Five years site experience for non-trained workers.

3years’ experience for Construction Electrical Works Level 1 qualified

Course Duration      Course      440 Hrs

Career Opportunities 

as an Electrician, the candidate may work indoors and outdoors, independently or with other construction professionals. They are employed by electrical contractors and building maintenance departments, or they may be self-employed. They may get jobs in Real Estate (Residential, Commercial & Institutional) , Infrastructure (Roads, Railways, Bridges, Runways &Industrial Units) or Power Generation (Hydro, Thermal & Nuclear).