English Speaking


The curriculum of our “English Fluency Training Program” has been designed to equip the candidates with all the skills required for gaining competency in this language.

The program revolves around four major pillars:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking


GHRP Education focuses on providing beginner, intermediate and advanced level of English Fluency training based on the requirement of the candidates like for under graduates, post graduates, working professionals, , self employed and home makers as well.


– Specialized class room training with personal attention based on the capabilities of the candidate.

– Session commences with an orientation program under which personal diagnosis takes place and candidates are divided among Section A, B & C based on their Aptitude and Attitude levels.


  • Basics of grammar
  • Grammar lessons in detail
  • Sentence formation
  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Idioms & Phrases

MODUS OPERANDI (Methodology)

  • Dialogue Conversation (Team Activity)
  • English Drama Performance
  • Debate Session (Favour/Against/Interrogation)
  • Parliamentary Debates
  • Declamations & Speech (Oratory Programs)
  • Extempore Rounds (Just a Minute)
  • Group Discussions
  • Audio- Visual Interactive learning sessions
2 months (50 Hours) Class room training (beginner/intermediate) INR 9,999 (GST extra)
3 months (75 Hours) Class room training

(business/corporate communication for Advanced level)

INR 11,999 (GST extra)
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At GHRP Education, the overall focus is on building the confidence level of the candidate by taking care of his or her overall grooming. The well trained professionals help the students to excel in all aspects of life.

The program targets the personality enhancement and polishing the skills of the candidates based on their capabilities.

Proper in-house class room training is given to guide the students with a right approach towards building their personality by raising their confidence level while facing the audience.



  • “AAA” Strategy Building Workshop :

Building logical reasoning

Analytical skills with brain teasers and puzzles


Building confidence level with knowledge & skill development

Defining body language with decent gestures

Development of soft skills

Combination of humor + presence of mind training


“Attaining right level of aptitude and attitude will take

us to a good altitude in life”

[Mantra of living a successful life]

Modular Training: (50 Hours)

“AAA” Strategy Building Workshop 7 Modules
Body Language & Gestures 7 Modules
Leadership Training 7 Modules
Public Forum Speaking 7 Modules
Business Communication 7 Modules
Professional Grooming

(social etiquettes & building positive aura)

7 Modules
Presentation Skills 7 Modules
Time, Conflict & Stress Management 8 Modules


2 months (50 Hours) Class room training INR 9,999 (GST extra)
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Being an integral skill set which helps people in building a healthy and fruitful relationship with their family, friends and relatives.

This skill set enables the people to live in a cozy and warm relationship. Often, we call this skill as social skill with etiquettes.

At GHRP training centre, our qualified trainers focus on making conscious efforts, ongoing practice, and a commitment to self-development in determining levels of success. Hence, GHRP Institute works on building a healthy work environment, for an individual to transform into more social, interconnected and flexible personality in an increasingly dynamic environment.

Modular Training – 25 Hours (1 hour each module)


Interpersonal Skills 3 Modules
Flexibility 3 Modules
Analytical Thinking 3 Modules
Work Ethics 3 Modules
Commitment 3 Modules
Attitude & Aptitude Building 3 Modules
Team Work 3 Modules
Problem Solving/ Risk Taking Skills 4 Modules



1 month (50 Hours) Class room training INR 9,999 (GST extra)
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In the current business environment of developing countries like India, most of the job opportunities are coming from the top Multinational Conglomerates (MNCs). These are either Business Process Outsourcing Units (BPOs) or Knowledge Process Outsourcing units (KPOs).

Working in these business corporates is the need of the hour. At GHRP training centre, our professional trainers conduct mock interview sessions and guide the candidates with the right methodology to crack their interviews.


  • Building Professional Resume
  • Interview Cracking Tips & Technique
  • Positive body language & gestures
  • Soft Skills
2 Weeks (12 Hours) Class room training INR 4,999 (GST extra)
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Guiding the students on choosing the right track is an integral part in building their life. At GHRP training centre, our professional trainers utilize their knowledge and experience in guiding the best alternatives to the student.

Special in-house customized training sessions are organized for students looking for extra mile guidance in doing self assessment.


  • Self Assessment sessions (identifying the interest and passion)
  • Knowledge session about related streams
  • Guiding in choosing best alternatives based on capabilities
1 Week (6 Hours) Class room training INR 2,999 (GST extra)
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  1. IELTS


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is conducted to testify the language fluency and proficiency. It works on a 9-band scale to clearly identify levels of proficiency.

Test is available in two categories viz. IELTS- Academic for those who are looking forward to attain higher studies in countries like Australia, Canada and UK. IELTS- General training program has been designed for candidates who are working professionals and want to apply for their PR.

Both versions have some different methodology and parameters to provide an appropriate assessment of the four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Training at GHRP IELTS Centre is one of the best training programmes enabling trainees to score high bands of “8777” in all four sections. Candidates are trained and grilled in such a manner that they master in all required skill sets.

    » Weekend & Crash Courses
    » Latest IELTS course books
    » Professional Trainers
    » Convenient location & Excellent Infrastructure
    » Reasonable Fee
    » High Success Rate
    » Multi-media in-house classes
    » Free Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Personal level diagnosis to identify the level of candidates in all four sections
  • Exceptionally designed structure to enable you to achieve your desired score
  • Customized training to overcome candidate’s opportunity areas in a short span
  • Speaking practice sessions being conducted on a regular schedule
  • High vocabulary, idioms and phrases for plenty of topics to practice
  • Mock tests interviews being conducted at regular intervals
  • Focus on attaining a score of “8777” in all four sections



  • Listening Skills
  • Workshop No.1 – short audio cum visuals with subtitles
  • Workshop No.2 – dialogue conversation
  • Essay and letter writings
  • Word count and time managing tactics
  • Practice session with high vocabulary


  • Writing Skills
  • Workshop No.1 – Introduction to “PREP” Rule (flow of writing)
  • Workshop No.2 – Debate & Declamation (including parliamentary sessions)
  • Workshop No.3 – Extempore Rounds (Just a Minute Talent)
  • Workshop No.4Articles / Speech Writing
  • Workshop No.5- Writing based on postcard scenario
  • Team Activity:
  • Organizing debate session in a team of 3 categories viz;

          – Favour of the motion

– Against the motion

– Interrogation


Speaking Skills: 

  • Regular practice sessions for attaining fluency
  • Special focus on grammatically correct manner of spoken English
  • Pronunciation practice sessions

Reading Skills:

GHRP conducts practice reading sessions in order to polish the skills of candidate to understand and tackle the different question types, develop ability to read fast trough skimming and scanning techniques, enhance vocabulary and critically to comprehend the text.

1 month (50 Hours) Class room training INR 9,999 (GST extra)
2 months (75 Hours) Class room training INR 11,999 (GST extra)
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